Turkish Most Popular Food

 Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine has much more to offer. Turkish cuisine is influenced by Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian flavours. We provide you a collection of 2022 Turkish food. Kebabs, baklava, and other desserts are among the reasons why Turkish food is well-known. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are prevalent in Turkish cuisine and can be consumed on their own, with rice or other grains, or as a side dish to meat or fish.


Zucchini Fritter

This well-liked Turkish dish resembles a pancake or fritter made with vegetables. It is prepared with zucchini, which is Turkey's most popular summer squash.

The fact that you can add a variety of veggies to the batter, which is prepared from shredded zucchini, makes this recipe highly adaptable.

Shredded potatoes, carrots, and onions are some vegetables that are frequently incorporated. The batter for the fritters also includes flour, oil, eggs, and salt in addition to the shredded vegetables.

The batter is fried till golden brown on both sides. It is offered with garlic-infused yoghurt, crusty bread, or a leafy salad. Turkish food that is very filling and well-liked is known as mücver. It can also be eaten as a cold snack.

Mercimek Corbasi 

Lentil Soup

Mercimek Turkish cuisine known as corbasi is fairly basic and is made with red or orange lentils. Lentils and spices are pureed to create a wonderful lentil soup. 

Melted butter, cilantro, lemon juice, and pickled vegetables including carrots, cabbage, and olives are frequently added as garnishes.

This hearty and substantial soup is frequently served with hot pita bread on the side, giving your taste senses a warm, melting experience.

Pide ( Pizza)

Turkish Flatbread 

This boat-shaped pastry, one of the most well-known Turkish dishes, is produced with slightly thick dough and a variety of fillings.

Different meats, fresh vegetables, cooked spinach, eggs, and the hot Turkish sausage sucuk are among the most popular fillings. A high-heat range oven is then used to bake the dough.

This Turkish dish is, in the opinion of many, the closest thing to a Turkish pizza that can be found. The ideal serving temperature for pide is warm. It is available at numerous takeaway places across the nation, and you may eat it as an appetiser or a main.

Sis Kebabs

Shish Kebabs

Sis Kebabs are well-liked not just in Turkey but also all across the world. The meat in this Turkish dish is skewered and grilled over hot coals. In contrast to other cuisines, the ideal Turkish recipe demands for tender, tiny slices of lamb.

Typically served with rice, salad, and thin bread on the side or wrapped up in a thin piece of flatbread, it comprises of precisely cooked, marinated skewered lamb or beef cubes that do not disguise the flavour of the meat.

The best way to eat sis kebabs is fresh off the grill. They are tender, flavorful, and savory.


For people who enjoy meat sandwiches and subs, doner is a great Turkish culinary option.


A pita bread spread, a substantial amount of sliced meat, beef, chicken, or lamb shavings, fresh veggies, and spices are all combined to make this traditional Turkish dish. Additionally, doner is offered as a main course together with rice, chips, and salad.

Since the meat is cooked on a rotating spit, it is flavorful. The most well-known doner variations worldwide include the Greek gyros, the Arab shawarma, and the Mexican al pastor.Once more, the Doner occupies a prominent position at the table of famous Turkish cuisine, just like the Sis Kebab.

Hunkar Begendi

The Sultan's Delight is the name of this traditional Ottoman royal favourite meal. On top of aubergine purée, melted cheese, and butter are served soft, marinated lamb chunks in a stew.

You'll want more and more of the aubergine and lamb because their flavours go so well together.

These days, numerous meats and meals can be found served with the mouthwatering Beendi aubergine puree.


Wrapped Lamb or Goat Offal

Turkish dish known as kokoreç is eye-catching and frequently offered by street sellers. A few different kinds of organs from goats or lambs are wrapped in intestines to make it.

If you have a few too many beers one night, make sure to taste it the next morning because it is known as hangover food in Turkey.

While Kokoreç may not be for the faint of heart, Turks have long appreciated its distinctive flavour.

Salt, pepper, oregano, lemon juice, and olive oil are used to marinade the organ meat. After that, it is securely wrapped in the intestines and grilled on a rotating spit. The meat is roasted until the outside is crispy and golden.

When visiting Turkey, it's one of the most striking and distinctive dishes you'll have the chance to sample.


One could argue that the most well-liked dessert in Turkey is the rich, syrupy pastry treat known as baklava. It is a delicious, gooey pastry consisting of filo sheets joined together with melted butter and oil and typically filled with chopped nuts. Honey or syrup is used to keep everything in place.

Nowadays, baklava can be found with nearly anything inside. Cottage cream, pistachios, or hazelnuts may be used in the filling.

Before baking, the sweet pastries are cut into diamond, square, or triangle shapes. A sweet syrup is poured over the cooked baklava, and it is then left to soak for several hours or even a whole day.


Although it takes some time and work to prepare, this Turkish treat is well worth the wait.

The Middle Eastern nations also enjoy the sweet and sticky delicacy known as kunefe or kanafeh.The crumbled pastry is covered in particular cheese, nuts, or clotted cream before being dipped in customary syrup.

Pistachios are typically strewn on top of the dessert. Depending on the region, many varieties of pastry might be used to make this dish.Dessert lovers must attempt this Turkish delicacy.

Kuzu Tandir 

Roasted Lamb

The roasted lamb dish in this classic Turkish cuisine is comparable to the Moroccan mechoui. Lamb that is flavorful and tender and slowly melts in your mouth as a result of the meat's slow cooking.

The meat is traditionally roasted for hours over hot coals in a ground-based oven called a "tandir."The aroma is out of this world because it is seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice, bay leaves, and rosemary sprigs.

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