Delicious Food to Try in Albania

Delicious Food to Try in Albania

The cuisine of Albania is a delectable fusion of Mediterranean and Balkan flavours. The meat is tender, and the food is abundant and colourful. Albania offers a wide variety of mouthwatering tastes to experience, with cuisine reflecting the country's rural areas, mountainous terrain, and coastline.

 Ferges : Summer Stew

One of Albania's most enduring cuisines is ferges, without a doubt. Garlic, green peppers, cottage cheese, and tomato sauce make up the majority of the dish. This dish is referred to as a summer stew mostly because many Albanians prefer to eat it after it has cooled down.

The ideal time to enjoy this meal is after it has cooled for two to three hours. As a result, it has a thicker consistency and the components are more apparent.Typically, only bread is used to eat ferges. Most of the time, I eat the dish with toasted bread.

The meal is not typically served on the menu in Albanian restaurants, but you can sample it in rural establishments that serve traditional fare.

Tavë Kosi : Baked Lamb or Chicken in Yoghurt

A popular traditional dish eaten frequently for lunch in Albania is chicken cooked in yoghurt.

Elbasan tava is the common name for it throughout the Balkans. Its name comes from the city in Albania where the meal was first made. Although some Albanians also make Tave Kosi with chicken, lamb is the traditional ingredient.Rice, eggs, and yoghurt are combined, then baked with the meat.

This meal has a flavour all its own. The dish's luscious meaty flavour comes from the meat's ability to counteract the baked yogurt's soft texture and slightly sour flavour.

Peshk dhe Perime ne Tave : Fish and Vegetables

Since the majority of Albania is situated close to the Mediterranean Sea, you can certainly assume that at least one of its traditional dishes contains fish.

The baked fish and vegetable dish is one that should be tried at least once in almost every restaurant in Albania,typically, the fish is simply placed in the pan with chopped veggies and topped with salt and olive oil after being washed only on the outside.

This dish is frequently paired with wine or even raki. Most foreigners who sample it adore it because it is a signature dish.

Tave Mishi : Mixed Meat Platter

A mixed meat platter is one of Albania's most popular dishes. Typically, this plate is offered at sizable family reunions or other important occasions.

You should try the mixed meat platter because it offers a variety of flavours of juicy grilled meat on one plate.

Fresh lemon juice should be added to the dish to enhance the flavour. Paidhaqe, which is grilled lamb served with lemon, is a nice substitute for the platter if it sounds like too much food. It is frequently served with dhalle or raki.

Trilece Cake

Trilece, commonly referred to as milk cake, is a dish that originates from Latin America but is now highly well-known in Albania thanks to Turkish cuisine.

Condensed milk, heavy cream, and evaporated milk are the three types of milk used to make it. The cake is then covered in caramel in Turkey and Albania, in contrast to Central and South America, giving it a distinct sweet flavour.

This Albanian cake can either be concentrated and thin or light and made up of air bubbles, depending on the area.How much butter is used in the recipe determines how the cake will turn out.Trilece has a taste that is highly distinctive and may be characterised as somewhat crunchy and sweet at the top juicy in the bottom and gentle and light in the middle.

Tarator : Cold  Yoghurt appetizer

Albanians typically eat this delicious appetiser before a meat-based entrée.

Due to how chilly it is when served, it is typically served in the summer. Greek yoghurt, cold water, finely chopped cucumber, and salt are the ingredients in this recipe.Since the appetiser has a soup-like consistency, it is typical for it to be served in a bowl.

The younger generation prefers dhalle because it is more convenient to consume, therefore the elder generation loves this appetiser the most.

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