Coffee Milkshake Recipe

 Coffee Milkshake 

A tasty delight that mixes the rich flavour of coffee with the creaminess of ice cream is a coffee milkshake. For coffee drinkers looking for a fun and refreshing way to enjoy their favourite beverage, these drinks are a popular option. We will look at the background and appeal of coffee milkshakes, their components and preparation, and some interesting variations in this post.Every coffee enthusiast rejoices! Your favourite energising beverage may now be combined with a drinkable sweet treat to create a coffee milkshake with ice cream that is sure to lift your spirits. This rich, flavorful milkshake is wonderful and satisfying.

The Falooda, Watermelon Juice, Mango Shake, Lassi, and Banana Shakes are some of my personal favourites when it comes to cooling off during the hot and muggy Indian summers. But the sweet, sweet buzz of energising coffee is what all these delectable delicacies are missing. Although a blender is needed to achieve the creamy, thick consistency of a Frappuccino, this coffee shake recipe does not call for a coffee maker. I also add an additional scoop of ice cream on top to make it more dessert-like, much like a coffee float.The combination of coffee and milk creates the delectable beverage known as a coffee milkshake. For people who adore the flavour of coffee as well as the sweetness and creaminess of milkshakes, this beverage is ideal.

History of coffee milkshake:

Coffee milkshakes' precise ancestry is unknown. Nonetheless, it's thought that this beverage first made its way to America in the early 20th century. At this time, coffee was a common home staple and milkshakes were a popular treat. Coffee and milk were a logical mix for a milkshake, and soon coffee milkshakes were a common menu item at diners and cafes all throughout the country.As coffee shops have grown in popularity, there are now numerous coffee milkshake versions on the market, including iced coffee milkshakes, espresso milkshakes, and mocha milkshakes.

Ensure that your coffee is cold:

Make sure your coffee and ice cream are both cold if you want your coffee milkshake with ice cream to have that thick shake texture. Use cold brew or let newly made coffee cool to room temperature.

How to make the best milkshake:

Milk and coffee ice cream should be added to a blender. The long side of a chocolate bar should then be shaved into the blender using a vegetable peeler, grater, or knife.

You can use as much or as little chocolate shavings as you'd like; I used around 1/4 cup for mine. This will transform your coffee milkshake from good to outstanding. Mix for 45 to 75 seconds.

Does this recipe work without ice cream:

This dish can be made with low-fat vanilla ice cream or frozen yoghurt, but the flavour and texture might not be exactly the same.

    How thick is this coffee milkshake:

    It is pretty dense, but not so much that a straw is required to drink it. It fits perfectly! Add a little additional milk for a thinner milkshake if desired.


    Serving: 2 person

    • 4 tablespoons of classic cold brew, espresso, or regular coffee
    • 2 tablespoons of dairy or vegan milk
    • 4 cups of vanilla or coffee ice cream


    Step 1:

    In the order that your blender recommends, add all the ingredients to the blender. Use the milk, cold coffee, and ice cream in that order if using the Quick Ace Blender.

    Step 2:

    Mix for 30 seconds at high speed. Choose the "frozen dessert" option for the Quick Ace Blender, but only blend for 30 seconds. If necessary, blend the milkshake for an additional 10 seconds after checking the consistency. If necessary, press the ingredients down the side of the blender towards the blade with a spatula.

    Step 3:

    Put into a glass, then serve right away. If you'd like, top with whipped cream and a cherry and drizzle with chocolate .


    Coffee Milkshake

    One 12-ounce milkshake is produced by this recipe. To serve more people, it can be doubled or quadrupled.

    Use vanilla ice cream for a milkshake with a more subtle coffee flavour or coffee ice cream for a more flavorful milkshake.

    Dairy milk can be substituted with almond or soy milk.According on your preferred taste, you can add more or less sugar as needed.

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