Best Labanese Food

Best Labanese Food

Lebanese cuisine introduces your palate to a world of unique flavours that get better with every bite by fusing fiery Arabic flavours with the hues and textures of Mediterranean cuisine.

The temperature, geography, and influences of Lebanon, which stretches along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, have all influenced its cuisine, which is characterised by its abundance of fresh vegetables, luscious meat, and potent spices and juices.

 Hummus – Chickpea Dip

Hummus is one of the most popular and adored dishes from the Levantine region.Hummus is often made by combining tahini paste, lemon juice, chickpeas, and a small amount of garlic.

It is a delicious savoury dish that complements a variety of cuisines. You can serve it as a side dish with grilled meat or chicken platters, spread it on different types of bread, or dip raw or cooked vegetables in it.Although there are many different hummus varieties produced in Lebanon, the classic recipe continues to be the most well-liked.

Some of the most popular hummus preparations include those with minced meat and onions, basil, or beetroot.


A deep, rich, roasted red pepper dip called muhammara is full of flavour and spice.The Arabic term "muhammara" means "to turn red," which accounts for the flaming red hue of the dip.

It is made from freshly cooked, ground-up red peppers that have first been cooked, along with walnuts, breadcrumbs, and olive oil.

To enhance the flavor, additional ingredients like cumin, garlic, salt, lemon juice, and pomegranate molasses may also be used.

Manakish or Man’ouche

Manakish or Man'ouche is a well-known Lebanese breakfast that can be found at bakeries and eateries all around the country.

Similar to an Italian pizza is man'ouche. It is made from dough that has been rolled and spread into a thin, oval shape after being combined with thyme and olive oil. Once the dough base is prepared, a variety of toppings can be added. Popular options include dried yogurt, labneh, labneh, fresh vegetables, and many others.

Lahm Bi Ajin or Sfiha

Depending on which region of Lebanon you are in, there are various variations of lahm bi ajin.

Man'ouche and Lahm Bi Ajin are quite similar in that they both start with a substantial, crunchy dough-base. However, Lahm Bi Ajin are rounder and smaller. It is then baked till crisp in an open oven with a topping of minced beef, onions, and parsley. You can also cut Lahm Bi Ajin into squares. This variant is called "Sfiha."

Lahm Bi Ajin are best served with yoghurt because it harmonises the flavours and creates a wonderful and delectable Lebanese dish.

Kebbe or Kibbeh

The national dish of Lebanon is kibbeh. Kibbeh is essentially bulghur wheat combined with seasoned ground beef, There are countless versions of kibbeh, with various Lebanese families and areas each having their unique version of this hot cuisine.

Kebbe Zghertawiye, a dish popular in North Lebanon, is seasoned beef formed into a sizable ball, filled with liquid fat and cooked over high heat. Kebbe can also be baked or fried into little cone-shaped shapes. This is the kind of kebbe that is often served as Lebanese mezze.

Lebanese are renowned for eating raw Kebbe, which is meat that has just been butchered, along with white onions, mint leaves, and garlic.

Shawarma – Meat or Chicken Slices

Lebanese Shawarma and Turkish Doner and Greek Gyros are very similar dishes. It is one of Lebanon's most popular street snacks and is consumed all around the nation.

The meat, not the sandwich, is what is meant by shawarma. It consists of beef, chicken, lamb, and other meats that have been thinly sliced, stacked in a huge cone form, and gently roasted for an extended period of time on a vertical rotisserie.

The cooked meat is then placed in pita bread sandwiches with fries, lettuce, onions, hummus, tarator (tahini paste), or garlic paste.Lebanese food that you must try is shawarma sandwiches. They are ideal for a quick snack or take-out lunch.

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